About The Author

Jay Sizemore is the most hated poet in America.

His fearless approach to writing material that doesn’t shy away from controversial topics has earned him the distinct honor of being made into a pariah of the indie lit community. He has been targeted and attacked multiple times by the Twitter Shame Mob and ultimately ostracized and pushed out of publishing through new age blacklisting reminiscent of McCarthyism. He hopes that one day critical thought returns to the critics of literature and people are once again capable of looking past surface impressions of work to find the hidden value lurking beneath the shock of offensive material.

He currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

I grew up in Kentucky, where the trees are tall as gods. My grandparents took me to a small, one-room church, where people loved to slap the Bible, shout Amen, and cry, pushing their children into the center of the room so they could learn to pray until they mistook dizziness for salvation. These experiences shaped a lot of my childhood and mental development. We moved around a lot growing up, and I learned to never get comfortable knowing people. My favorite food is pizza, and one day it will kill me. Asking my favorite beer or bourbon is like asking which hand I’d be best to live without. When I was twelve years old, my mother introduced me to Stephen King, and well, I haven’t been the same since. When I was fifteen, I discovered Metallica, and bought a guitar. I am happily married to one of the most beautiful women alive, and we have two cats named after Lord of the Rings characters and a dog we call The Dingo.

My first chapbook, Father Figures: autobiographical poems, was released in 2014 to good reviews, and is available at Amazon. Since that time I have published 13 other collections including a collection of short stories through my independent press Crow Hollow Books.