New poem published with New Verse News!

New Verse News has accepted another of my topical poems. This one is about the Jordanian pilot that recently lost his life due to the extremists who call themselves ISIS. I thank James Penha for giving me another opportunity and sharing my work with the world. You can find the poem, “A man burned alive is reincarnated as a firefighter” here. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for supporting poetry.

New poem published at New Verse News!

Another of my news-related, topical poems has found a home. This one is about the police force in Florida that were found to be using African American mugshots for target practice. A clergy group started sending them pictures with the caption “use me instead,” and thus the idea for the poem was sparked. You’ll find the poem here at New Verse News. Kind thanks and gratitude to James Penha for the opportunity.

New poem up at Change Seven Magazine!

My poem “Disco ver(ses) in the key of American Hustle” appears in the debut issue of Change Seven Magazine. It is a stellar issue, and I am lucky to be a part of it. Take the time to check it out and provide feedback if you are so inclined. Much appreciation to Sheryl Monks and staff for putting this thing together. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Change Seven.

Two new poems published at Words Dance!!

Two of my new poems went live today over at Words Dance. I am extremely grateful to Amanda Oaks and Jessica Dawson for accepting these pieces. These poems are part of a larger manuscript of response poems I am working on, inspired by Rattle’s Poets Respond series. I’ll continue to keep you updated as more pieces get accepted and published (I hope). I have a chapbook of these poems pretty much ready to go at this point, but hope to write enough of them for a full length.

Three New Poems Published with REVOLUTION JOHN !!!

Today, three new poems went live with Revolution John. They are part of my series of pieces based off inspiration from my social media feed. These were taken from observations on Facebook. As of now, I am no longer actively participating in Facebook for a while to focus on work, but I may do another series of these in which I take inspiration from Twitter. We shall see. Special thanks go to Sheldon Compton for publishing the pieces, and to Nicolette Wong for suggesting this magazine to me.

Did you read these poems? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to get your feedback.