Making Things Crystal Clear

One final post to set the record straight on the allegations being thrown around about me and my work:

One person has claimed that I cyber-bullied them. What? Not true. This person is delusional and trying to deflect from the fact that she created drama around herself to get the publicity for it. What DID happen, is that I disagreed with her and had a brief argument with her on Facebook. This is not bullying behavior. This is called human behavior. People have to be allowed to have disagreements. In today’s society however, with this extremist feminist trend in social media, if you disagree with a woman, you are almost immediately labeled as a misogynist or some other label like racist, or homophobe, to delegitimize your argument and put you in a position to defend that allegation rather than the original argument. I have seen this time and time again online. You disagree with a woman about something on the internet, and you are a misogynist, or you are mansplaining. This is nothing but a red herring and a distraction from the truth. But on social media, once this has happened, and the person accused of the nonsense goes their own way, then the accuser will come back and make more posts about them, and call in all their like-minded friends to trash talk them and smear their name. So, what is a more bullying behavior? To disagree with someone, or to get hundreds of people to call them a piece of shit online when they are not looking? To call for multiple people to go through and give their books one-star reviews? To call for editors to remove their work from magazines, to call for their books to be banned? To create a smear campaign that includes patently untrue accusations that is shared widely, thousands of times? You tell me.

Another person has claimed I have a “history of harassing women” and all my work “harasses female poets.” This is unbelievable, and a fucking lie. I have been publishing poetry since roughly 2012. In the past five years I have published hundreds of poems in hundreds of magazines. The complaints on my work stem from the poem Scowl, published in 2015, when one person claimed that the poem was written about them. This is an untrue assessment, based on coincidence, but the internet mob took it as truth and ran with it, using it to tarnish my reputation and then put me on a “do not publish” list with hundreds of editors of magazines, basically attempting to ruin my attempt at a writing career. The latest collection of poems also uses several first names, and garnered the same accusations of it being about real people, and I did it on purpose to prove the laughable notion of the whole thing, that using first names proves nothing and I knew that people would leap to that conclusion and use it to attack me again, and my prediction came true (again). The reason that this happened has nothing to do with reality, but only the perception these people have created in their minds about me. The whole project grew out of this notion that I am a villain to these women, so hated that they would love to see me commit suicide. The fact is, I have done nothing to the people who hate me so much, nothing at all, and yet they have tried to ruin my career and have spread lies about me all over the internet, that I am a serial abuser, wannabe rapist, woman hater. The absurdity has reached such a level, that the latest collection has caused people to claim they were “targets” and “threatened” and “traumatized by violence.” You have got to be kidding me. These people even filed police reports about it and tried to file restraining orders, even though they live hundreds to thousands of miles away from me and have never met me in person. Folks, that is the insane part. This is the insanity of the fever pitch of noise created by an internet mob. Words are not violence. And the only reason this was taken to such extremes was because it was me. Any body else could have written this collection and no one would have noticed, but the fact is I am being obsessively scrutinized by a group of people looking for any reason to ruin my life, and they have been trying to do it since 2015. This collection of poems was in response to that, and shows the level of absurdity involved, to the extreme. How could anyone read this work and think it actually a reflection of the author? Have these people even read any of the hundreds of other poems I have published? Or do they just look for things to be outraged about to create drama? I think the answer is clear and speaks for itself to anyone willing to actually take an objective look at it.

There have been allegations that I must be abusive to my wife, physically and mentally, or even that maybe I murdered her and assumed her identity on social media. Some have sent her messages on facebook and such. People, please, say whatever you want about me, but leave my wife alone. We are happily married, have been in a near-perfect relationship since 2008, and don’t need freaking strangers trying to start drama between us over petty internet feuds about poetry that no one reads anyway.

It has been said that my facebook and Twitter accounts were shut down and I was banned by them from having accounts there. False. I left social media before I even wrote the poems for the latest manuscript. I did so for my own mental health. This is documented.

People have said that I harass women because they won’t sleep with me, because they are more talented than me, because I am threatened by them. First of all, see point number one. Disagreeing is not harassment. Secondly, see the point about my wife. I am happily married, and not seeking any kind of outside stimulation. Thirdly, I am not threatened or worried that someone is more talented, unless you count the group of people actively working to block me from being published, in which case, yeah, they can eat a bag of dicks. They’re not more talented, they just are evil vindictive bitches who’ve networked themselves into positions of influence over the indie lit community.

It has been said that I plagiarized and slandered someone. Where is the proof of that? Absolutely not true. One of the poems in the manuscript responds to the poem “Kill All Men” by Heather Bell. A response poem is not plagiarism, as that is a popular model for writing poetry, people do it all the time. In fact, the poem in my book “kill all women” bears no resemblance at all to the poem it responds to, other than the title. So, it doesn’t really even need to acknowledge what inspired it. Of course, any real writer would understand the nuances of when to acknowledge inspiration, and when it isn’t necessary.

Lastly, a person named Diddle Knabb claims that I obsessively harassed her and such. Not true. Again, see point number one. Disagreement is not harassment. Harassment might be using your platform to publicly smear the name of another person, which she does all the time. In fact, this person went so far as to make an Amazon wishlist named “I Fucking Hate Jay Sizemore” and I bought her a rug off that wishlist because it was so ridiculous how could I not. I suppose she doesn’t realize that when you buy people things on the Amazon wish list, it doesn’t tell you their information. She stated to people that she felt threatened because I knew where she lived. No. I do not know where she lives. Amazon doesn’t tell people that when they buy things on their wish lists. It just sends it to them, because it already knows. Want to talk about threats? People in response to the latest manuscript posted my address and phone number publicly on social media. That’s a threat.


The fact of the matter is this, I have written provocative work with an intent to prove the nature of response to such work due to extremist views of identity politics, and in both works, my thesis has been proven by the responses the work received. Perceptions are easily manipulated online, and in these cases, the people reacting so violently to the work, have been duped wholeheartedly, hook line and sinker.



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