The book is alive and well

I have a new distributor for MISOGYNIST. Despite activities of the poetry gestapo, there are many publishing platforms. The current distributor has no content clause, they place all content responsibility on the author, so there’s no term violation that crybabies about violence in poetry can exploit to censor an author. The book should even show back up on Amazon soon. In the meantime, I have a private link I can send for anyone interested in buying the book too controversial for it to exist on Createspace or Lulu. Contact me to get one. Thanks for your support.


9 thoughts on “The book is alive and well

  1. So not only are you so repugnant as to try to make money off your rape fantasies and threats toward real women, pushing your bs “social experiment” on the world as if it was real art, but you honestly think people are trying to censor you? Do you actually live in the real world or are you only here on a VISA?

  2. Right, and the world seems to have chosen not to consume yours Jay. Again, you keep crying for attention, crying for a place in the writing world when you have more than once been shown the door. Honest question man, aren’t you tired of being a failure? Look at your life. You’re responsible for the sad state of affairs that can be called your existence. It’s not going to stop you, I know. Guys like you don’t stop. You’re gonna keep crying, whining about “censorship” and waiting for someone to be “shocked” by the filth that you write. You’re the little loser kid in class trying to get attention by cursing too much. When people stop paying attention, you go lower and start making threats against people. It’s pathetic.

        • If you believe this book to be my actual fantasies, you’re a fucking idiot. Real easy to say this stuff behind a veil of anonymity, coward. Why don’t you stand by what you say? I’m not hiding from my poetry.

          • So you make rape threats to real women and then hide behind the excuse that you didn’t really mean it? See Jay, this is why the police are involved.

          • I’ve threatened no one. This is the problem with extremist liberals. A poem is not a threat. A poem is not violence. It’s just words, and a rhyme scheme with meter. Folks like you would rather just wage a war on art. Would rather have trigger warnings and ban books you disapprove of, especially those written by men. You’re morons that would rather live in the world of Fahrenheit 451.

          • You’re the one so obsessed with me you keep coming back to comment on everything I post. Lol. If you hate me so much, here’s an idea, don’t read my work! Novel concept.

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