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My new poetry collection, Canon Fodder, has been out now for a few weeks. Kudos if you’ve picked one up. It currently has three reviews on Amazon, five star rating. Thanks to the reviewers!

I must say, I expected to have more reviews by now, considering how many advance copies I sent out, but such is life.

I have deleted all my social media presence. I do not think I will return. The absence of that toxicity from my life has already been a tremendous boon for my productivity and my overall mentality. You should consider eliminating it from your life as well. I believe you will find it rewarding.

When I say rewarding, I’m not joking. In the few weeks since I’ve deleted my social media platforms, I’ve published two new books, and have another on the way.

The first one I did is a collection of social commentary essays, largely refuting the notion set forward by a bestselling one called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,” in which I suggest the popularity of such a philosophy is turning society into a bunch of narcissistic crybabies. My book is called Choosing to Give All the F*cks: More Empathy, Less Apathy for a Better World, and it is up now on Amazon. It contains several of the essays I’ve written over the last two years on Medium, and a substantial portion of brand new work that I wrote especially for the book.

The next new book I put out is a collection of work that I posted on Instagram, combining satirical poetry with artful photographs. It’s a small collection, as I did not pursue that medium for very long, but I think it’s pretty cool. For this book, called NOT ART, I had to make a full color photo book, with high quality paper, so that the photographs would all retain their attention to detail. If you’re interested in such a project, it would make quite the conversation starter for your coffee table maybe. Check it out.

Lastly, one project that I tackled this week was revamping a majority of the book covers of my old books. I realized, looking them over one day, that I had significantly improved as a designer of books since I started publishing stuff over eight years ago. Many of my old books, their covers just sucked. I either was too lazy, or just didn’t care, to notice. I decided to publish new versions of those books, with much better covers, and hopefully you will agree it has been a heck of an improvement.

My first poetry collection, Father Figures, now has one of my favorite covers of all of my works. It’s a real family photo, taken of me as a baby with my mom and biological father. I also updated the Kindle versions of books like this one, which were quite bad, because I honestly had no idea how to produce a good Kindle book up until quite recently. Sorry to anyone who had downloaded one of these glitchy, and not properly formatted Kindle versions. If you update your download of it, it should be fixed now.

Below, I will just post the new covers of the other collections I updated.


Second Amendment Pastoral:



The Ghosts of Silence:



And lastly, I have a new collection that will be out soon, comprising the majority of the political poetry I have written over the years. It will be called POLITRIX. This one is still in development, but should be done within the month.

That’s all I have to report at the moment. I hope you like the new updated look of most of my books. If you bought an old one, and would like a new version, feel free to contact me via email (you can use the Contact Me page on here for that if you don’t have my email) and we will see what we can do.

In the meantime, thanks for supporting my work. And be on the lookout for future projects. I fully intend to have written a fiction novel this year. And it’s going to be great.



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